Weather for the weekend

With this pattern, some areas see rain and other areas stay dry.

On Tuesday, we had very little shower and thunderstorm activity in the Treasure Valley. Well today, scattered showesr and isolated thunderstorms did manage to roll into parts of the valley. This is what happens when we get a weak area of low pressure that just hangs around. The low creates a scenario that allows the clouds to build vertically. The heating of the day does the rest of the work as the warm ground releases energy into the atmosphere. The combination of the two generates the occasional, late afternoon storms.

With this pattern, some areas see rain and other areas stay dry. This is the way things will be once again on Thursday. We’ll see plenty of sunshine in the morning and early afternoon. In fact, temperatures Thursday will be downright toasty as we approach the mid 80’s. By Friday, a subtle difference will be with an approaching front. This could help to trigger a few more storms in the afternoon. By the same token, this front could help to bring slightly cooler temperatures on Saturday and Sunday along with some drier air. But, because the pattern is so poorly defined, it’s a little tough to pinpoint exactly how the weather will play out this holiday weekend. I still think we’ll see plenty of sunshine Saturday through Monday. But, I won’t be surprised one bit if we saw some afternoon scattered showers or storms.

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