Warm temperatures are creating problems in Central and Eastern Idaho

Hydrologic Outlook (NWS)

Warmer than average temperatures across the region have increased snowmelt at higher elevations, the rapid melt is causing rivers to rise. Hydrologic Outlooks issued by the National Weather Service outline areas that are mostly likely to see impacts from the rising rivers. Areas impacted are in Central and Eastern Idaho. Models estimate that several inches of water have melted out of the snowpack in just the last 72-hours with some areas seeing 4+ inches of runoff.

Most rivers in the region are still within their banks but some minor flooding is likely. The Big Wood River in Hailey, for example, is already at 'action' stage and some minor flooding is reported across roadways and approaching homes. Action stage is 4.5' and the river is currently just above that at 4.57'. Models suggest the river will likely approach 4.76' by the end of the week but remain below minor flood stage of 5.5'.

Cooler weather heading our way towards the end of the week should help mitigate flood risks for these areas as temperatures will dip just below normal on Friday. The weather service recommends keeping your drains open to minimize your risk of flooding, and to create runoff ditches to direct flowing water if you're in an area at risk.

You can track river levels here.

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