Weather: To be continued


Today was evidence of moisture rotating around a low pressure center that is meandering around between Idaho, Nevada and Utah. We had sunshine in the morning, followed by some showers and isolated thunderstorms in the afternoon. This is likely to continue for the next few days.

The computer models continue to insist that this low is going to hold on to the state for some time. In fact, another low pressure system will move in from the Pacific ocean. This second low will be fairly weak, but, the position of the low will keep the atmosphere energized and ready to generate occasional showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon through Friday. There will be some sunshine during the first half of the day with high temperatures warming into the mid 70’s.

By the weekend, the low will weaken to the point that the potential for showers will begin to taper off. I think we’ll see some spotty showers on Saturday followed by partly cloudy skies on Sunday.

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