Thursday will be the warmest day of the year, and will make February feel like late April

Boise Sunrise


Yes, the calendar still says February 8, 2018 (don't worry, I've checked...a few times), but our temperatures suggest it will feel more like mid to late April this afternoon instead of early to mid February.

This early taste of spring will come accompanied with temperatures running 20 to 25 degrees above average, thanks to a massive ridge of high pressure that's been allowing us to heat up over the last seven to 10 days. Normally, highs in Boise should be in the low 40's this time of year, but highs Thursday afternoon will be jumping into the mid 60's in some areas. The warmest temperature we've seen in 2018 is 61°, and that happened earlier in February.

That being said, record highs are in jeopardy! Many areas are on track to break temperature records again Thursday afternoon. Here's the breakdown: In the graphic below, the first number represents the forecast high, while the second number shows the current record, along with the year that previous record was set.

Caldwell and Mountain Home, for example, are both looking poised to break records, while cities like Boise and Emmett should come close (and could tie or break records if temperatures warm up another couple of degrees).

While Thursday's temperatures will send people flooding outside, they may not be heading to the ski hill. That's a strange contrast to think about in comparison to 2017, when 2.1" of snow fell in Boise on February 7, making for another big powder day on the slopes on February 8. How do I know? Personally, I was there!

Eventually, something's gotta give (and it will). Thursday will be the peak of this warmth, and from here temperatures will get sent into a downward spiral heading into the weekend. Why? A cold front will swing through on Friday, bringing gusty winds and cooler temperatures along with it. (Don't worry, sunshine isn't going anywhere).

By Saturday, temperatures will land in the 40's, a little closer to where the Treasure Valley rightfully belongs this time of year. There are hints of a weak storm moving through the region Monday, but overall, I'm expecting temperatures to jump back into the 50's by the middle or later part of next week, as another warming trend looks to set in.

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