Winter's snowfall amounts in Boise are near average

Skyline of Boise with snow in the foothills

What started out as a relatively dry winter has turned out to be near average for the Boise area. Depending on which records you look at, the area usually averages around 20 inches of snowfall a year. Currently, we're sitting at 17.8" of snow, according to the NWS Boise website, which is within a few inches on 'normal'. The big game changers were a few good storm systems near the ends of December and February, and we still have a decent chance of gaining those extra inches of snow where winter isn't over just yet.

The graph above is from the NWS Boise office and shows the amount of moisture so far this water year, a water year runs from the beginning of October thru the end of September in the following year. Snowfall amounts on the bottom show that we're trending just shy of 'normal' as we end the first week of March. The step-like pattern shows we either had all or nothing in between storm systems. The amount of precipitation so far this water year is also fairly close to average. The numbers right now should be closer to 6.13" for this date, we're currently at 5.45", that's only a difference of 0.68". If some of the storms showing up in the extended forecasts pan out, we should be able to close in on any of these gaps without a problem.

For details on the latest forecast click here.

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