The mountains are calling, and I must go...'spring' skiing!

Sunset at Bogus Basin (Feb 4, 2018) (Courtesy: Bogus Basin)

The past couple of weeks have been weird in the Treasure Valley. Personally, I've gone running in a T-shirt, and have seen people dressed in shorts, too. I've seen people eating and drinking on patios downtown, and heard the swings of golf clubs in the distance at the driving range.

None of these activities or sightings are unusual in Idaho by any means, but they are certainly not typical in early February. It's almost like it's spring, except that it's not.

While water managers, snow lovers and winter enthusiasts alike want Old Man Winter to hit refresh on this winter quickly, long-range forecast models (which are subject to change) hint that warmer than average temperatures have a good probability of sticking around for the next week or two (and possibly into early March). While this doesn't mean storms won't accompany those mild temperatures, it definitely isn't a guarantee, either.

Where do we go from here?

Boise and the Treasure Valley are often touted as one of the few places in the country where you can sometimes ski and go golfing in the same day. (I've always loved that idea: experiencing winter in the morning and spring in the afternoon).

Maybe this is the time to put that kind of thing on the calendar. While it's something we don't typically get to experience until spring, maybe it's time to bump up that timeline. After all, nobody can know for sure what the next few months hold.

Skiing Conditions

Obviously, with warmer than average temperatures, it may feel a bit like spring at your favorite mountain this week and this weekend, but there's still plenty of snow to work with if you're looking to get up and enjoy some time on the hill (but yes, there are some 'early-season conditions' mixed in there). Here's a look at the current mountain reports for several local ski resorts in our area:

Most of the ski areas have seen some snowmelt over the last seven to 10 days, especially at the base where elevation is lower and subject to warmer temperatures. However, a few spots have seen a little fresh snow in the last 24 hours, and at this point in the season it's safe to say that every inch counts! Also, if you're planning a ski trip, it's probably smart to check in with each individual ski area before you go to make sure there are no unforseen closures or changes.

So, whether you choose to spend your time outside on the ski hill or on the golf course, enjoy the fact that we have the ability to do both here in the Treasure Valley (and at least for now, even in the same day).

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