May was the 3rd warmest on record

May Averages.png

If you look back at some of the numbers for the month of May, you'll find that the overall pattern was above average in a few categories. For one, our average high and low temperatures were well above average for the month as whole. Where it's springtime, we of course had periods of warm and cool temperatures, the typically rollercoaster ride of ups and downs that we see this time of year, but the general trend was 4.7-4.8 degrees above our average high and low for the month. We averaged a high of 76.5 degrees compared to the 71.7 degree average, and the average low temperature was 51.2 degrees, compared to 46.5. This makes it the third warmest May on record since records began at the airport in 1940. First and second place are tied at an average high of 64.3 degrees set back in 1958 and 1992.

Precipitation was also above average for the month. We received nearly a half of an inch more than our normal 1.39" of moisture with 1.88". It's typically our second wettest month out of the year with the wettest May ever recorded occuring in 1998 where 4.40" of moisture fell.

Now that we're wrapping up peak run-off season and the snow is rapidly diminishing off the mountain tops, every little bit of moisture we can squeeze out of passing storms is needed. We're already seeing an explosive start to the fire season in some western states, let's hope we don't get too hot, and too dry, too fast and end up in the same boat.

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