Latest weather models show the wet weather sticking around in 8-14 day outlook


A strong cold front swept through the region this morning bringing rain and snow showers to the Valley and, currently, significant winds. This active weather pattern has been common this month. So far, 10 of the last 12 days have measured a 'Trace' or more of precipitation in the Boise area with the heaviest showers just last weekend.

Our precipitation totals aren't that impressive this morning, most areas saw less than a tenth of an inch of moisture, but for the month we're making steady progress on our average monthly precipitation amount. During the month of April, we typically see 1.23" of precipitation, and with the moisture this morning, we're sitting at just over half of our monthly average.

The active weather pattern continues to show up in the latest long-range forecast models showing that the chances of cool and wet weather will continue for the next few weeks, at least.

The '8-14 Day Outlook Temperature Probability' map for the U.S. shows the northern half of the country has a high probability of being below, if now well below, average April 19-25. As you can imagine, the '8-14 Day Precipitation Outlook' follows a similar pattern, predicting that the northern half of the country has a higher probability of seeing above average moisture through that same time period.

Even though the weather outlook might seem a bit gloomy right now, at least the lawn and surrounding hillsides will start to green up nicely heading into May. As always, for the latest on the forecast click on the weather tab on

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