Las Vegas Bowl: 'Getting there' and game day forecasts

The Las Vegas Bowl kicks off Saturday, December 16 at 1:30 p.m. MST

Spending even just a few minutes outside in the cloud-socked Treasure Valley can be enough to numb you down to your very core. Okay, maybe that's a slight exaggeration, but the absence of sunlight has made our bitter cold temperatures feel even more brutal.

Thankfully, a pattern change is coming that will help us 'clean house' and sweep the inversion out. But even beyond that, we're looking at a chilly weekend (and a potential stretch of even colder weather leading up to Christmas - stay tuned).

Las Vegas Bowl Forecast

Maybe you were already planning to head down to Las Vegas to watch the Boise State Broncos in the Las Vegas Bowl. Or, maybe this weather has been just enough to send you packing. Either way, you're in for a smooth ride, and quite the reward once you're there.

Even though we often think of Las Vegas as a sizzling desert, average high temperatures are only in the mid 50's this time of year in Sin City. Even that sounds pleasant compared to our string of 20-degree days, but this weekend, temperatures will be running above average.

Here's a breakdown of the game day forecast. In all honesty, this is tough to beat:

Saturday's high will be 64°...with nothing but sunshine. If you'll be getting into town Friday, plan for basically the exact same thing.

What about getting there?

Driving in December anywhere across the west can be tricky, but this month's rare "December drought" has really dried things out across the region, thankfully keeping roads dry and free of winter elements.

There is one quick shot of winter weather that will through the region late Friday through early Saturday, depending on where you'll be at that time. A weak cold front is expected to swing through southern Idaho sometime Friday evening, bringing with it a chance for snow in the mountains, and possibly some light snow along the I-84 corridor. Even though this won't be a strong system, worst case scenario the roads could become icy since it has been so cold on the valley floor this last week.

If you're leaving anytime before that (Thursday or before Friday evening) you should be in the clear on the way down to Las Vegas. I'm not seeing any real weather at play other than that brief frontal system Friday night into early Saturday. By early Saturday morning, the snow will have made its way through Salt Lake and parts of northern Utah. Again, amounts will vary, and icy patches could be a concern after Saturday morning, but if you drive through eastern Nevada the whole way, it should be smooth sailing!

Moral of the story: There's a good chance you'll be in the clear all the way through to Vegas! Next stop, VEGAS BOWL! Go Broncos!

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