It's official: Thanksgiving 2017 was the warmest ever in Boise and several Idaho cities

Thanksgiving 2017 will go down as the warmest on record at the Boise Airport.

If you won't remember this Thanksgiving for the food, wine, family time or football...maybe you'll remember it because of the weather.

As far as November temperatures are concerned, not many Thanksgivings were like this year's. In fact, none have been as warm in Boise. Yesterday, the City of Trees cracked into the record books for the warmest Thanksgiving ever. | See the previous top 5 warmest.

The warmest Thanksgiving...ever

Boise's temperature hit 66°, which breaks the old 'warmest Thanksgiving' record of 65° that was set back in 2008. But since Thanksgiving hits on different days every year, it's also important to note that Boise also shattered the daily record high for November 23 (64°). These kinds of temperatures, by the way, are some 20 degrees warmer than our average high for this time of the year (think: 44°-45°).

We weren't alone:

Several other cities that report data automatically to the National Weather Service reported record-breaking temperatures Thursday too! Check out the list:

One highlight: It was 70° in Baker, Oregon. Woah.

Is it going to stay warm?

It will be mild through the weekend, with highs in the mid to upper 50's Friday through Sunday. (Kind of silly to say it's going to be 10-15° cooler Friday even though our highs are still running 10° above average)! From there, though...not so much. Our next blast of colder (or, seasonable) air will move in Sunday into Monday of next week, dropping our highs back into the 40's. This next storm system will bring a chance for mountain snow and valley rain showers late Sunday through Monday too. Beyond that, models struggle to align on the dominate weather pattern, but temperatures will settle back into the mid 40's by the middle of next week. | Extended forecast

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