Idaho Adventure: Tennis Camp with Nampa Parks & Recreation

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What's better than blue courts and blue skies during the summer?

When it comes down to summer activities, for Nampa parks and recreation, it's about getting kids outside and staying active throughout the summer.

"Our goal is really to provide opportunities to kids and families to participate in various activities throughout the summer, tennis is a great one, it's a great lifetime sport," said Jennifer Vanderpool, Nampa Parks & Recreation.

Kids can begin classes as early as age 5, up to age 17.

"I think it's important to just get them hitting around, like having fun, and just getting them involved and not just standing around the whole time…It's more important to have interactive things going on like I had stations and ending with a game is super important," said Tennis Instructor Megan Harvey.

Keeping them moving is what sparks interest in the sport, whether that's hitting through the rally station, or grabbing 'eggs' for your 'basket'.

"I like how every tennis lesson we always play a game at the end and she always finds out fun stations that we do," said Shay Vettencourt, lesson participant.

"I like the lava monster game...I like how you can play with other people and that there are little games that you can play," said Lily Barker.

"(Do you feel like you've gotten better over the last couple days?) Yeah, (what's gotten better?) when I hit it back and forth," said Willa Barker.

Kids enjoy learning fundamental skills, all while having a great time.

Tennis lessons are taught by the Idaho Tennis Association and run 4 days a week.

To sign up you can visit their website here.

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