Idaho Adventure: Snowshoeing at Bogus Basin

Bogus Snowshoeing Adventure

Today’s Idaho Adventure is taking us on an adventure up at the Bogus Basin Nordic Center, traversing through the snow covered mountainside on snowshoes.

"All of this is human powered, there's no lift to take you up to the top of the hill, you have to ski up to the top on your own," said Eric Willadsen, Environmental Education Coordinator.

"It's an awesome workout, if you're in to being fit, or whatever, it does everything for you and it does a lot of cross training into other sports," said Brad Devroude, Cross Country Skier.

Strap on a pair of snow shoes or cross country skis and you're ready to traverse the snow covered hillside.

The Nordic Center at Bogus Basin offers people a peaceful experience on the mountain.

"I think the glory of snow shoeing is that maybe it's not as fast and exciting as going alpine skiing but you can take out anyone on snow shoes because it's basically just walking on snow, so I think that's a great chance to bring other people out to get to explore the wilds of the winter," said Willadsen.

The Nordic side offers over 20 miles of trails, with 3 miles just for snowshoeing, there's something for everyone to explore.

"To each his own out here, there's stuff that can challenge you as much as you want to be challenged, I've skied here and Sun Valley, and other Nordic places up Idaho City way, it's a great trail system, there's a lot of variety," said Devroude.

In addition to snowshoeing and cross country skiing, skate skiing and now fat biking is also available through the Nordic center.

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