Idaho Adventure: Shoshone Falls

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As we head into the warmer months, this Idaho Adventure is a must-see for your adventure list, the Niagara of the West.

"It's a beautiful location, the park is gorgeous and it's a really impressive waterfall that is worth taking the time out of your drive to come and see," said Wendy Davis, Parks and Recreation Director in Twin Falls.

Located in Twin Falls, Shoshone Falls is one of the largest natural waterfalls in the U.S. spanning 900 feet wide with a 212-foot drop.

"The reservoirs upstream are full and so they're letting the water pass through right now and that's why we're seeing the flows that we're seeing at the moment," said Davis.

April through July have typically been the best times to enjoy the scenic falls but, with above average flow through the Snake River, now is as good of time as any.

"We encourage people to make the trip no matter what, because even if the water isn't flowing that high it's still a gorgeous view, the rock formations are incredible," said Davis.

"There's a lot to do around here, there's walking trails and stuff like that...I like's powerful," said Bobby Panko, Twin Falls, ID.

Powerful falls that bring in tourists from around the world.

"It's a huge draw and it's an international destination, people like to come and visit the falls, so we like big water years," said Davis.

Shoshone Falls is open year round, but while the temperatures are cold, they've had some trouble with ice buildup in the lower parking lot with mist from the falls lately.

They’ve actually had to close the gate at times so check with Parks and Recreation in Twin Falls before you head down.

More information is available here.

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