Idaho Adventure: Sandboarding at Bruneau Dunes

Bruneau Dunes

In years past, visitors who came to the sand dunes remember activities a little differently.

"They did not have snowboarding[sandboarding]," said Cindy Zickgeraf.

"It was just running, I just remember running really quickly down the hill and jumping, launching," said Janelle Carberry.

Starting just a few years ago, sandboarding is now the most popular daytime activity on the dunes.

"As word has gotten out it has really taken off, sand board rentals last year alone grew 65%, we actually had to buy 20 brand new boards just to keep up with demand," Bryce Bealba, Assistant Park Manager Bruneau Dunes State Park.

Made of wood and fiberglass, sand boards are constructed of a different material than traditional snowboards but have a similar feel.

"Slower than you would on a ski slope, just because of the friction of the sand, but people still get moving pretty good on these," said Bealba.

Just like you'd wax your snowboard, sand boards are waxed to reduce friction on the sand.

If you don’t want to sand board, sledding is also popular, and visitors have had some luck bringing their own sleds.

The recent addition brings new excitement for younger visitors.

"I was like, 'Ah, sandhills…’ I thought we were just going on a tour and be like, sand hills wahoo, but then when I realized we could go sledding I was like, ‘WAHOO sand dunes!’” said Ford Zickgeraf, Visitor.

And just like goggles are useful in winter sports, we're finding they're needed in this sand sport too.

"Winds going in your face and sand kinda spits up in your eyes sometimes,” said Evan Carberry.

Sam Carberry says, “And you're going fast, it's pretty fun, yeah it's pretty fun.”

“We forgot to bring goggles, you got to bring goggles for sure," said Ford Zickgeraf.

Even without goggles, you're going to have a great time.

"They're teenage boys, a little sand doesn't slow them down at all,” said Tara Motyer, Visitor.

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