Idaho Adventure: Fat Biking in the Long Valley

McCall Activity Barn Nordic Trail (CBS 2 Staff Photo)

This is one adventure that's extremely common in the warmer months, mountain biking along Idaho’s rugged terrain.

But there's a newer sport out there that gives bikers have a chance to keep riding in the winter, and this is on the snow.

Fat biking has been growing in popularity and it’s something we tried at the McCall activity barn.

Fat bike rentals are new to the Brundage-owned property this year and have massive 5-inch tires, fat tires make it a little easier to shred the snow along the groomed Nordic trails.

"It's not easy, it's not technical but, I am sweating right now. It is just fun to be out in the conditions on a new type of equipment and when you fall you fall in the soft snow, I like that," said Lida Clouser, Experienced Mountain Biker.

The Activity Barn trail ties into the North Valley Rail Trail, which is also groomed. The trails themselves are free to the public and are pet friendly.

Kona WO Fat Bikes are available to rent at the barn during regular business hours. The Activity Barn is typically open on weekends, for hours click here.

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