Idaho Adventure: Eagle Island State Park

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It's an escape from the hustle and bustle going on around us, an adventure sandwiched between highways 20 and 44, located in the heart of the Treasure Valley.

"It's a valuable piece of property, what they were likening it to when they developed the master plan is the 'Central Park' of the valley, as everything's growing up and expanding around us, it's nice to have that nature area," said Gary Shelley, Park Manager of Eagle Island State Park.

The outdoor adventures, and location, make it a huge draw for folks around the valley.

"We had actually planned to try and drive up to Cascade or something but it's so far away and this is so much closer, so much more convenient and I really like it," said Visitor Brandy Hafenstine.

Summertime adventures like swimming, fishing, or ziplining are easy ways to make lasting memories.

Shelley says, "I just like the diversity, there's so many different things that folks can do out here and it just changes from minute to minute."

"We decided to come over and check it out, everyone has been telling us how great it is, and it's pretty awesome, the kids are having a great time, we brought a picnic lunch and so we're going to have lunch later, and it's a pretty nice place especially with it being 104 today," said Hafenstine.

"Eagle Island State Park is so fun because I like to swim in the water," said Visitor Alex Lob.

Forty acres of developed land is right in the heart of the park with the pond in the center.

Most people don't realize the park has over 540 acres to explore, with five and a half miles of trails leading to both forks of the Boise river.

For adventures like the water slide or the zip lining, hours are limited. That information can be found by visiting their website here.

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