Idaho Adventure: Archery with Nampa Parks and Rec

Nampa Bow Chiefs Archery Class.jpg

Now that school is out, parents and children are looking for all sorts of adventures to gobble up their free time.

During the summer months, Nampa Parks and Recreation offers a variety of adventures for kids, and today's is one of the more non-traditional variety.

"We try to reach out to every possible person that we can in the city to offer programming, and for some kids that means a baseball program or a basketball program, for other kids there's maybe non-traditional activities like archery...that they can come participate in," said John Burkey, Recreation Program Supervisor.

Teaming up with Nampa Bow Chief's, participants practice on the indoor range.

"The first time I shot the arrow I felt like I was really excited for the next time I could do it and it felt really good," said participant Ethan Lukoff. "(Now that you've shot it a couple times how do you feel?) Proud!" said Clark Harper, another participant.

Lessons are held throughout the summer and give student’s ample opportunity to pick up a new skill, one that could lead to many more adventures.

Burkey says, "Idaho, I believe, is a great hunting and fishing area, we have a lot of families that like that and have those traditions in their families, so this is a great way for those young kids to come out and maybe start some of those traditions, to learn the skills, to learn about the equipment, and some of those things that they might be able to do as they get older."

The two-week course isn't just about who can develop the best shot, it's an educational experience as well.

"We learned about the different parts of the bow, how to handle the bow, and how to be safe with the bow," said Lukoff.

(Were you nervous?) Yeah, kinda! (How come?) Cause I've never shot a bow before, or used a real weapon," said Harper.

Beginner and advanced classes continue throughout the summer and cater to kids ages 7 to 17 year olds.

To sign up you can visit the City of Nampa’s website here.

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