Idaho Adventure: Alpine Skiing at Bogus Basin

Bogus Basin Alpine Skiing (CBS 2 Staff Photo)

The New Year means new opportunities to explore.

CBS 2 Meteorologist Nate Larsen dusted off the old alpine skis and headed up to bogus.

It's been several years since Nate has strapped on a pair of skis and so we relied on our friends at bogus basin to show us what he’s been missing out on, particularly with a ski area so close to home.

"Boise is a great city for convenience and the mountain is literally 45 minutes and you're on your ski's, so for me that works great," says skier Lana Mellen of Boise.

Brad Wilson, General Manager of Bogus Basin, says, "What I like about skiing Bogus is the variety, there's so many different aspects because we do ski all the way around Shafer Butte that every trail is different, every trail has its own unique personality."

Most skiers tout the convenience of Bogus but may not realize just how large the ski area is.

"We have to second largest skiable terrain in the state of Idaho and so you don't really get that sense when you pull into the Simplot base area because you only see about one fifth of the ski area here, you have to ski around the back sideto really see the whole sculpt of this ski area, because we essentially ski 360 degrees around Shafer Butte in the background there," said Wilson.

The snow so far this season has been incredible for winter sports.

Most local ski areas were open the first weekend in December, and even though it's still early in the season, things are looking bright.

"Awesome! It was great snow, early start, wonderful!" says Mellen, "The people are great, the convenience is here, the prices are right, and Idaho has good skiing, Sun Valley, Brundage, and all around. but it doesn't get any more convenient if you live in Boise."

For non-skiers and boarders there's still plenty of other activities up on the mountain.

Other activities such as the tubing hill, mountain coaster, and Nordic center are open as well.

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