Farewell, February 60's: Long range forecasts hint at the return of cooler weather

Hoar Frost (FILE PHOTO)

Finally...we're talking about a CHANGE in the weather pattern.

As much as many of us probably selfishly enjoyed the string of days in the 50's to low 60's, something had to give, right? Both the 7-day forecast and ones that look beyond that suggest that cooler than average temperatures might be making a comeback!

Temperatures trending downward

This doesn't necessarily mean we're going to plunge into some sort of prolonged deep freeze this month, but it likely means we won't see many more 60 degree days these next couple of weeks. The average high temperature for this time of year is 43°, while the average low in Boise is sitting around 28° right now.

This 'cooler than average' scenario looks more likely both in the six to 10 day outlook (above), and the eight to 14 day outlook (below). Obviously, these forecasts are subject to change, but it appears this pattern will hold much of the west under its grip.

What about precipitation?

Both the six to 10 day outlook and the eight to 14 day outlook suggest that over the next couple of weeks, our region is more than likely to see a continued 'drier than average' streak.

However, there are hints that a more active pattern may return this week, with a potentially impressive storm system moving through on Wednesday. This storm could bring several inches of snow to the mountains, and a chance of snow turning to rain in the lower valleys. Another system is possible late Saturday into Sunday, although the details on timing and possible impacts are less concrete at this point.

Stay tuned! Roland Steadham will have additional information on Wednesday's storm tonight on KBOI 2News.

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