Colder than normal to continue!

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The temperature in Boise this morning was 21 degrees! That is cold, even by our standards. In fact, that reading was 13 degrees colder than normal. For the past couple of weeks, we’ve had a hard time hitting the average temperatures. Plus, the pattern has been very dry. We’ve seen a little snow brushing by the west central mountains, but the Treasure Valley has seen more than its fair share of blue skies.

The primary weather maker for us right now is high pressure anchored off the west coast. Hi pressure spins in a clockwise direction. So if the high is west of us, that circulation goes around the Gulf of Alaska, western Canada and then right down into the Gem State. In essence, the air mass over us originated in a cold place (Alaska), was reinforced by a cold place (Canada), so we have nowhere to go but cold. Now, it could be worseif this was December, that pattern would have plunged us into a frigid inversion. At least this time of the year the sun angle is high enough to keep us from going there.

How much longer can this hold? The forecast models keep the high pressure over the west for the next 7-10 days! I know that sounds like a long stretch of dry weather. Until the high decides to break down or shift eastward, the storm track will remain out of touch with Idaho.

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