Bitter cold temperatures usher in the New Year


Happy New Year! Frigid temperatures this morning across the region as a dry northerly flow is in place. Many locations along the Treasure Valley are in the teens this morning, trending 10-15 degrees colder than 24-hours ago. Our friends in eastern Idaho have it much worse, Idaho Falls and Pocatello are both sitting in subzero temperatures, that's 20-30 degrees colder than they were 24-hours ago.

Winds have been light this morning and that has made conditions in the Treasure Valley a little more manageable. A light breeze overnight near Boise created a wind chill of 3 degrees around 6 am this morning. Temperatures are expected to stay below normal this afternoon with most of the valley staying in the mid to upper 20's, only teens for highs in the mountain valleys.

A transition later in the week to more of a westerly flow should help warm temperatures up above freezing. A more seasonal pattern is shaping up for the latter half of the week and highs are expected to be in the mid to upper 30's by Friday.

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