Youthful advice for the NCAA Tournament

Members of the Squizz in the Kuna 3rd/4th grade basketball league work on a boxing out drill.

Hopefully your NCAA Tournament bracket is still intact.

And while many of us watch in admiration of college student-athletes and think about how time is passing us by, youth teams are watching their actual passing.

“They are scoring machines,” said nine-year-old Woodson Murray, who plays on the Squizz in the Kuna 3rd/4th-grade basketball league.

His younger brother Emmitt is also on the team, and says it is defense that wins championships.

“When you try to box someone out, somebody tries to box you out so you are like ‘aaarg’” said Emmitt as he collides his hands to show what it is like. “You have to keep them on your back so they don’t get in front of you or push you back.”

Collegiate teams have the ability to give 100-percent the entire game and that work ethic starts at the youth level. If the Squizz do something incorrectly they have to run.

Which is fine for Emmitt.

“You know what I am made for? I am made for running,” he said. “But sometime I can do sports that include running.”

“Like soccer,” Woodson chimed in. “I am going to play soccer in college.”

It may be wishful thinking now that the NCAA Tournament has started but according to the Squizz you need to make sure to pick teams that have strong defenses.

“If you get rebounds you destroy the team,” Woodson said.

“No matter what, if you get rebounds you destroy the team,” Emmitt echoed.

The NCAA Tournament runs through April 2 when the national championship will be played at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas.

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