Taking cues from curling

KBOI 2News This Morning anchors Kelsey Anderson and Bryan Levin gave curling a try with the Boise Curling Club.

It’s kind of like a combination of chess and shuffleboard.

And to make it even tougher – it’s played on ice.

The Boise Curling Club meets at Idaho IceWorld.

Each team consists of four players and the goal is to slide stones (those things that look like tea kettles) down the ice to a bullseye-looking target. The other team is trying to do the same thing. One player throws the rock, one player is the skip – who directs where to throw it and when to sweep, and two players sweep when told to do so.

“I am one of the ones that yells like a crazy person,” said Rachaelle Grimsrud, President of the Boise Curling Club.

Sweeping heats the ice, which lets the rock slide farther.

KBOI 2News This Morning co-anchors Kelsey Anderson and Bryan Levin tried it out and found that you work up quite the sweat.

“I am drenched,” said one player who was wearing a short-sleeve shirt.

Curling may look unique but if you’re looking for a good time, the sport may be your new favorite hobby.

Want to learn how to curl? The Boise Curling Club has six opportunities to learn! The cost is $20 for adults and $10 for children under 18.

If you already know how to curl you can join a league. The beginner league begins on March 11.

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