Olympic gold medalist helping area athletes, maybe meets her match with Deni and Bryan

Olympic gold medalist Stacy Dragila has a pole vaulting facility in Garden City. CBS 2 News This Morning anchors Deni Hawkins and Bryan Levin worked with her to see just how tough the sport is.

There’s a warehouse off 53rd Street in Garden City that houses one of the most accomplished athletes in the Treasure Valley.

Stacy Dragila opened Dragila Vault Co. to help train pole vaulters.

Dragila won a gold medal in the pole vault at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia. She also has five other wins in international competition and 17 more titles in USA Track and Field Championships.

Now though she faces her toughest task, trying to make something out of CBS 2 News This Morning anchors Deni Hawkins and Bryan Levin.

“Now we will see what type of athlete you are,” Dragila asked Bryan.

“I’m not one,” he replied.

Dragila took the two through some agility drills, including one called ‘The Intimidator,” before letting them handle a pole.

She kept things light-hearted and fun, while still keeping a watchful eye on her athletes that were about to head to Reno, Nev. for a big tournament.

“You’re a good student,” she told Deni. “This one (Bryan) not so much.”

The two had never worked with a gold medalist before.

“It was a part of my life but I hope it doesn’t define my life,” she said. “The National Anthem still gets me though.”

Eventually it was time to get on the runway.

Realistically, Deni could be ready to compete at the Summer Games in 2024 in Paris.

“You’re a natural,” Dragila told her.

Bryan still has some work to do.

“Maybe that was too aggressive,” she told him after one jump.

She later tried to motivate him in a different way.

“Come on, I have candy for you,” she said.

That didn’t work either.

The two though can now cross ‘working with an Olympian’ off their bucket lists, meanwhile Dragila broke a mental sweat.

“You taxed my brain!” she said.

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