Reaching new heights with your workout

KBOI 2News This Morning anchor Kelsey Anderson (pictured) and Bryan Levin give aerial hammocks a try.

Yoga is about grounding yourself.

But why go to the ground when you can go up in the air?

There’s a new type of workout that involves aerial hammocks.

The exercise combines aspects of yoga, stretching and Pilates with the use of a hammock, or sling, that is suspended in the air.

“Most of it is your mindset and what you’ve given it permission to do,” said SuChen Gee, who owns Ophidia Studio in Boise. “Or mostly not do.”

KBOI 2News This Morning anchors Kelsey Anderson and Bryan Levin went through this 60-minute class with Gee.

You first start out with some stretching.

“It should feel really yummy on your glutes,” Gee said about one of the stretches.

After that segment, it’s time to step in, and step up.

Gee takes the class through various poses, some even involving you swinging upside-down.

Some of the poses included names like ‘aerial pigeon’ and ‘cocoon.’

“If your body is saying ‘No, that’s not going to work today’ then you go to where your body says ‘Yes.’”

The class is about pushing your capabilities little by little, and if you continue to grow, it will only make getting into your aerial hammock even easier.

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