Pickleball: a sweet dill!

Dick Johnson, 78, has won around 40 medals playing pickleball.

On the pickleball court, 78-year-old Dick Johnson may appear to be just another athlete.

But he wins, everywhere.

“There’s six world championships,” Johnson said. “And I’ve won them all for two years now.

What started out as a love of tennis jumped to pickleball after injuries. Now, Johnson has won around 40 medals and has played in the U.S. Open in both tennis and pickleball.

“I don’t lose very often.” He said.

CBS 2 This Morning anchors Deni Hawkins and Bryan Levin were honored when they had a chance to play with pickleball royalty.

Deni, a tennis player herself, found her stroke quickly.

“This girl has game!” Johnson exclaimed after seeing a few shots.

Bryan took a little time to warm up but eventually got going.

“This guy is a natural,” Johnson told him.

Pickleball is a growing sport in the Treasure Valley and all around the country.

So much so that Boise is getting a new complex at Hobble Creek off Chinden.

“Construction is set to begin next spring,” Johnson said. “Fourteen dedicated pickleball courts. I’ve played in tournaments all across the country and it’s going to be one of the very best.”

After playing with Deni and Bryan, Johnson wanted to bestow upon them a gift.

“I am going to make you honorary members of the super senior international pickleball association,” he said.

So now the two can add that line to their resume

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