Mountain View grad Felter landing big fish, college scholarship

Mountain View High School graduate Jason Felter earned a scholarship to fish at Bethel University in Tennessee.

For nearly all of us that enjoy fishing, it’s a recreational hobby that we never have enough time for.

For Jason Felter, it’s leading to a college education.

“I knew right off the bat I definitely wanted to go to school to fish,” Felter said while fishing at Lake Lowell.

And hopefully beyond school.

Felter, a recent graduate from Mountain View High School, earned a scholarship to fish for Bethel University in Tennessee.

“That was my day-one play where I wanted to go,” he said.

In high school Felter won two Idaho State Championships. He also was a member of Mountain View’s 2016 football state title.

So what does it take to be a good fisherman or fisherwoman?

“I think it’s just perseverance and also knowing what you are doing and having confidence in what you do.”

Bethel is ranked No. 1 by Cabela’s in its School of the Year rankings for the 2017-18. The Wildcats are in front of big-named schools like Kansas State, West Virginia University and the University of South Carolina. The rankings list 108 collegiate fishing programs.

“Is there anything better than this?” Felter was asked while fishing.

“Not much,” he responded.

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