Kristin Armstrong gets Boise park named in her honor

Municipal Park in Boise will be renamed Kristin Armstrong Municipal Park. Armstrong won her third-career gold medal in the 2016 Olympics.

Before the 2016 Olympics, Boise's Kristin Armstrong had won two gold medals.

The first time the city of Boise awarded her the Key to the City, the highest honor the city can give to a resident.

The second time the city created the Kristin Armstrong Youth Scholarship fund to help children and families access the city's youth activities at a reduced rate.

Armstrong also has a stretch of Bogus Basin Road named in her honor as well as a children's bike trail at Boise Hills Park.

So after claiming her third gold medal in the time trial at the 2016 Olympics, Mayor Dave Bieter had to come up with something else.

Municipal Park.

"It took a day to marinade," Bieter said. "This is a big deal. People have known it a certain way but then it just clicked."

On Sunday afternoon, Bieter announced in front of Armstrong and hundreds of supporters that Municipal Park (500 S. Walnut Street, Boise) will be renamed Kristin Armstrong Municipal Park.

"A park named after you?" Armstrong asked. "As a kid I thought who is this person and what did they do?"

Armstrong had no idea this was coming.

"My husband and I were going to bed and he asked what do you think will happen tomorrow?" she said. "I had no idea."

Fans came out to support Armstrong and enjoy free food.

"I think I figured out why I keep doing this and it is because of all of you," Armstrong told the spectators. "I know other Olympians and when I mention what happens in Boise when I come back they don't get that experience."

Even though Armstrong previously retired before coming back for the 2016 Olympics she said this time it's official.

"I feel really great closure," she said. "It's different this time around."

Kristin Armstrong Municipal Park covers 28 acres and was first created in 1918.

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