Breaking down break dancing

break dance pic.jpg

At KBOI 2News, you sometimes have to think on your toes. So that means KBOI 2News This Morning anchors Deni Hawkins and Bryan Levin, along with meteorologist Nate Larsen should excel at dancing.



The trio met up with Jared Lopez from TGG Dance Studio in Nampa.

And forget thinking and dancing on their toes, they were also asked to think and dance on their hands.

Jared taught them about break dancing.

“Those people that are embarrassed by it – screw it,” said Jared about being nervous and timid. “Can I say that?”

Lopez went over the elements of break dancing – top rock, bottom rock, freeze and power moves.

They all seemed to have varying degrees of success over the course of their lesson but never let failures get the best of them.

“That positive attitude, you brought,” Lopez said.

Eventually Lopez put them on the spot and challenged them to a battle. Deni took top honors.

While Deni, Bryan and Nate spent the majority of their time near the floor, they can stand tall after learning about break dancing.

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