Bravin’ it with Bryan and Kelsey: Football Referee

KBOI 2News morning anchors Kelsey Anderson and Bryan Levin see just how tough it is to be referees.

Sports fans of different teams may not agree on much but they usually seem to be on the same page about one thing.

The refs are always out to get their team.

So KBOI 2News morning anchors Kelsey Anderson and Bryan Levin set out to see just how tough it is to don the stripes.

“It's intense,” referee Jason Schultz warned us.

Schultz has been a ref for 10 years. The pair met up with him during the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl Football Challenge on July 14.

Schultz said a common problem is most sports fans think local refs should be graded at the same level as that of professional and college ones.

“I am not perfect,” Schultz said. “I try my best.”

And refs can block themselves from certain schools if there is a conflict of interest.

“We don’t have a bias,” Schultz said.

Since Schultz has been refereeing he has seen a drop in prospective members.

There’s a lot of stress to the job. Usually fans can get vocal.

“They will hold up their camcorder like ‘I got that on film,’” Schultz said. “It's like ‘You want to see this?’”

Bryan and Kelsey did their best out there but ran into an issue or two.

“Bryan, that was a slip-up,” Kelsey said after not being sure if a receiver was down or not.

Eventually, the duo found their groove.

“You guys did great!” Schultz said after the game.

Schultz hopes that more people will give refereeing a try.

“Once you make the commitment of getting out there and trying it you kind of fall in love with it,” Schultz said.

If you are interested in becoming a ref for any sport you can visit or the Idaho High School Activities Association website.

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