Bravin’ it with Boise State gymnastics

KBOI 2News This Morning anchors Deni Hawkins and Bryan Levin worked out with the Boise State gymnastics team.

Boise State’s athletic teams have had a lot of success.

Right up there among the best is the gymnastics team.

The Broncos have won four straight conference championships.

So KBOI 2News This Morning anchors Deni Hawkins and Bryan Levin wanted to see just what it takes to be a top gymnast?

“You guys ready to have a good workout?” senior Ann Stockwell, along with redshirt junior Alex Esmerian, asked the pair.

The two warmed up on stationary bikes.

Their heart rate got a little bit faster when Ann told them the Broncos are usually in the gym 3-4 hours a day, five days a week.

After the bike they learned that even the fun stuff can be hard.

“We’re going to do a little bit of plyometrics on the trampoline to keep our bodies moving,” Ann said.

This consisted of bouncing a few times down a long trampoline and then landing gracefully.

“We want to stick the landing,” Esmerian added.

“You throw your head back and arch your back and look pretty,” Stockwell said.

Easier said than done.

Then it was onto stretching, which was more than trying to touch your toes.

The team is easily able to go into the splits, and another stretch called pancake, where with their legs spread out they put their arms above their head and then basically fold at the waist so their stomachs tough the ground.

Deni and Bryan’s attempt fell a little short of expectations.

Let’s face it, Deni and Bryan weren’t going to excel at pretty much any part of what it takes to be a gymnast, but they thought they might have a shot at one little part of the floor routine.


Ann and Alex took the two through a dance number that was a few moves and lasts just a few seconds.

And they did okay!

While these Broncos continue to raise the bar, Deni and Bryan are perfectly fine staying on the ground.

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