Bowing down to bowling

KBOI 2News morning anchors Kelsey Anderson and Bryan Levin learn how to bowl from KBOI 2News 10 p.m. producer Nick Ridgeway.

It may not come to mind when you think of tough sports but KBOI 2News This Morning anchors Kelsey Anderson and Bryan Levin have such adoration for successful bowlers.

The two wanted to learn more, as they are pleasantly pleased if their scores reach triple digits.

Coincidentally, KBOI 2News 10 p.m. producer Nick Ridgeway knows his way around the alley. Growing up in Twin Falls, his parents owned a bowling alley and he even has a perfect 300 score to his credit.

Nick was willing to teach the duo tricks of the trade.

“Let’s see what I am working with,” Nick told them before offering advice at Westy's Garden Lanes in Garden City.

Kelsey went up and stumbled a bit, going well pass the foul line. Bryan showed off his unorthodox delivery – he doesn’t like to use the holes on the bowling ball.

“You’re definitely workable,” Nick said.

The first thing Nick did was help them find the right ball. Normally, it’s ideal to find a ball that’s 10 percent of your body weight. So a 130-pound person would find a 13-pound ball. That’s just a guideline though.

Nick then showed the two a four-step approach and where to line up in the alley. They also learned you are not supposed to just aim for the middle. You want to aim for the third mark from the right when it comes to the arrows that are on the lanes.

“It’s easier to hit the mark then to hit the pins,” Ridgeway explained.

With those pointers in mind, the two set out to change their ways. Kelsey immediately improved, even getting a few strikes.

Bryan stayed in the gutter, unable to put all the information into a useful throw.

The two though decided to see who was the best with a friendly two-frame wager. The loser had to bake the winner a cake.

Bryan was up first and was pretty happy with rolling an eight. But Kelsey brushed that off and delivered a spare.

Bryan couldn’t catch up on the second frame, and Kelsey added salt to his wound by rolling a strike.

Time for Bryan to replace the bowling pins with a rolling pin.

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