NNU Softball player throws her first no-hitter game and only second in school history

Sophomore NNU Softball Pitcher Jordan Adams meets with her team Feb. 14 for practice at NNU.

Sophomore pitcher at Northwest Nazarene University Jordan Adams threw her first no-hitter game Thurs. Feb. 7 in a game against Colorado State, Pueblo.

“It’s a really big deal, we were just talking about it with our SID (Sports Information Director)," said NNU coach Rich Wagner. "There hasn’t been as many no hitters in the GNAC in softball as there has been in baseball, in the GNAC in the last 12-13 years.”

While a no-hitter is rare, it still takes skill.

Adams, who says she's played softball most of her life, says being a pitcher has been a goal she has worked toward for a while.

“Jordan works really hard, her work ethic is just as strong as her ability to play the game. You put her in the circle and she gets some adrenaline... for a lot of athletes the adrenaline doesn’t help, but for Jordan it helps,” said Wagner.

The game in against Colorado had some weather issues that caused a slight delay. The team stayed warm by moving around and wrapping themselves in heat blankets. Once the sun came out they were ready to go.

"I'm very thankful for these girls and they saved me," said Adams.

Cassidy Fifield and Shelbie Martinez helped Adams helped defensively with the plays during the game.

“We had a lot of plays were it took a lot of communication to make it happen, so that was kind of cool cause it was a team effort between infield and outfield.” said Fifield the Senior center-fielder.

Fifield caught a pop-fly during the game but doesn't remember all the details. She said at one point they had hit a certain inning and realized they hadn't gotten a hit yet.

Martinez said that she was excited for Jordan and the rest of the team.

"Once we stepped foot on the field everything happened to go right," said Martinez.

Martinez a second basemen stopped one ball that came her way.

“I didn’t even think that it was a big play, as it was, until I came in and she [Adams] was like ‘thank you’ and then Wags was like ‘nice job Shelbs, you just stole that ball away from her',” she said as she reflected on the play.

Adams allowed just one baserunner on a close ball four call, but otherwise was brilliant.

"Everyone wants to throw a perfect game because its just history if you could throw a perfect game," said Adams reflecting on the walk. "But I think it makes me mentally tougher and it was good for me."

While one walk costed Adams a perfect game, the sophomore still has time in her softball career for more chances to achieve that goal.

"It takes a power pitcher to throw a no-hitter," said Wagner. "What’s really big is that she did it in seven innings, and it wasn’t a five inning no-hitter cause that happens a lot."

The Nighthawks play Willamette University in Nampa at noon and 2 p.m. on Saturday.

See the team's full schedule HERE.

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