Tennis and talking with a master of both – Boise State’s Greg Patton

Former Boise State men's tennis coach Greg Patton gave some pointers to KBOI 2News morning anchors Deni Hawkins and Bryan Levin.

Former Boise State men’s tennis coach Greg Patton serves up tennis lessons with some life lessons.

KBOI 2News morning anchors Deni Hawkins and Bryan Levin tried to keep up with Coach for a lesson in which they got more than they bargained for.

“Don’t mess up or we are going to throw balls at you,” Patton told Bryan as they warmed up.

Deni played in high school so she was able to pick things up quickly.

“This is like Beyoncé singing,” said Patton about Deni’s play.

Bryan took a little longer to get going, and we’re not so sure he ever got going.

Coach ran through the correct form for forehand and backhand shots but always changed his vocabulary.

“You’re going to go over the North Pole and come down to the South Pole,” said Patton describing the motion of the racquet.

“Go down to Australia, end up in England,” he said another time.

“Over the mountain and down into the Blue Valley,” he added later on.

“Speak English, Greg,” Deni said.

But they better have listened. In his 22 seasons leading Boise State, Patton led the Broncos to 14 league championships. In retired with 808 victories, more than any other active collegiate coach in the country.

While giving them some pointers on the court, he also shared some pointers for life.

“I was dancing in the shower this morning and it was awesome,” Patton said, saying if you don’t dance you might as well head to the mortuary.

Throughout the lesson Coach provided some more tips.

“You’ve got too much juice on that vodka.”

“You gotta put your booty in the right buggy.”

At the end, he decided to turn Deni and Bryan loose for a rally.

“We will see if this is all worth it,” he said.

The two were actually able to do it.

“Oh my God, did you get that on film?” Patton asked.

And no matter how you play there is one thing you still have to do.

Pick up all the balls.

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