MWC Championship tickets cost less than regular BSU game tickets. Why?

Tickets are already on sale and some fans are wondering why they're paying less so much less for the championship game. (File Photo)

Boise State is trying to fill these seats for Saturday's highly anticipated rematch against Fresno State.

The stakes are high. Not only is it a shot at redemption from last weekend's loss but a rivalry match years in the making. BSU hosted their first and only conference championship in 2014, beating Fresno State.

Tickets are already on sale and some fans are wondering why they're paying so much less for the championship game.

According to the Mountain West Conference the ticket pricing structure is developed and proposed by the host institution, and approved by the conference office.

Boise State Senior Associate Athletic Director Brad Larrondo explained the small amount of time they have to sell these championships tickets and the desire to fill the stands is the main motivation for lower prices.

This weekend students can buy tickets and guest tickets for the student section for $9. North end zone tickets are usually $40 but only cost $20 for the conference match.

The rest of the stadium is a flat rate of $40.

If you're a season ticket holder you have until tomorrow at 7 p.m. to buy tickets and reserve your seats. After that remaining seats will open up for everyone.

"We earned an opportunity to host this game in Boise the home field advantage" says Larrondo. "Now let's make sure that we're getting people in the stands so that it truly is a home field advantage. We need this place packed in order for the team to have the support of the home field advantage and that's part of how you price the tickets."

He says during regular season there is a much longer window to market and sell the tickets, renew season tickets, sell individual game tickets. The three month season of games allows BSU to look at how the team is performing and if people are buying tickets so they can determine if their prices are fair.

This conference match along with the 2017 ticket sales will help the athletic department figure out how much to charge in the 2018 season.

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