Kickin’ it with Boise State soccer

KBOI 2News morning anchors Kelsey Anderson and Bryan Levin went toe-to-toe with the Boise State women's soccer team.

KBOI 2News morning anchors Kelsey Anderson and Bryan Levin learned why it’s called the beautiful game.

The pair met up with Boise State’s women’s soccer team to get up close and personal with the sport.

“It doesn’t matter what you do as long as the ball stays out of the back of the net,” goalie Tara Fisher explained.

It seemed easy enough but when the shots are flying at you, your first instinct is to duck and take cover. Eventually, Kelsey and Bryan knocked down a shot or two, and decided that was good enough for them.

“The key is placement so you want you want to use the inside of your foot,” Baylee Blaser said about shooting.

Blaser showed off her skills for the duo.

“Every time, that’s just my spot,” said Blaser, who always goes to the same corner on every penalty kick.

Even with her teammates knowing where she will go, she quickly put two shots in the back of the net.

She made it look easy, but following in her footsteps proved much more difficult.

After taking some shots, with minimal success, the anchors decided to call it day as they wanted to make sure the beautiful game didn’t get tarnished.

Boise State (6-4-1) hosts New Mexico Friday, Sept. 29 at 4 p.m. before welcoming San Diego State on Sunday at 1 p.m.

Both matches will be held at Boas Soccer Complex.

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