Dressing up to fit in with BSU Volleyball

Dressing up to fit in with BSU Volleyball

The grind of practices and games and classes and can take its toll on student-athletes. So Boise State volleyball head coach Shawn Garus makes sure his team has some fun.

Each year around Halloween, he tries to let the players dress up in costumes for practice.

“It keeps things light,” Garus said. “In fact, their favorite warm-up is playing kickball.”

We’re not sure if it added to the fun, but CBS 2 News This Morning anchors Deni Hawkins and Bryan Levin were invited to suit up for practice.

Deni came donning a Buddy the Elf costume from the Will Ferrell movie ‘Elf.’ Bryan could have easily been mistaken for a blue hippo.

Players arrived as everything from a blind mouse to a hippie to a baby.

Bryan has never been in costume and not had candy around.

“We have an assistant coach named Candy if that helps,” Coach told him.

The two went through a few drills with the team. Deni played in high school and seemed to fit in easily. Bryan stuck out like a blue hippo in a gym.

“Deni is a little ahead of you right now so we will need you to pick up your game,” Coach said to Bryan.

The final drill was the hardest – trying to bump balls that were flying straight at them.

“Girls might smack it 60 miles an hour,” Garus said. “For you they are probably doing 30.”

While the Broncos plan to show up their opponents the rest of the season, Deni and Bryan will just stick with dressing up.

Boise State plays at San Diego State on Saturday. They return home with games on Thursday, Nov. 8 against Wyoming and then Saturday, Nov. 10 against Colorado State.

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