Maintaining Memorial Stadium in the heat

Mike Savage, the groundskeeper for the Boise Hawks, works on leveling the field at Memorial Stadium.

It’s hard enough to keep our lawns looking good throughout summer.

Mike Savage’s plot is a little bigger than most.

“It’s hot, it’s really hot,” said Savage, the head groundskeeper for the Boise Hawks and Memorial Stadium.

On gamedays, Savage will be tending to the field from 9 a.m. until around midnight.

Even though this is Savage’s first year in his new role with the Hawks, the diamond isn’t a foreign place.

“I’ve been around baseball fields my whole life,” he said.

Baseball players aren’t the only ones who go through spring training to get ready for the season.

“I got sent down to Scottsdale (Ariz.) and I met with the groundskeeper down there,” Savage said.

He keeps in contact with the head groundskeeper for the Colorado Rockies and says they talk usually once a week.

“The pro guys have unlimited budgets and a crew of 15 guys,” Savage said. “I have three including me.”

Nevertheless, it’s a job Savage loves doing though it has one major drawback.

“I track so much dirt wherever I go that my house needs swept every day,” Savage said. “I get yelled at for it.”

The Hawks have a homestand Aug. 9-16.

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