Plant This, Not That


Invasive plants are called "invasive" for a reason. They're extremely hard to get rid of, multiply fast, and have the ability to take over vast natural areas in Idaho. Help phase out these plants by choosing alternatives which are non-invasive and stay where they are put in your gardens and landscapes. This guide expresses ideas which will help you choose plants that will look great in your landscaping, without wreaking havoc on Idaho's ecosystem.


  • Instead of: Mediterranean Sage
  • Plant: Wormwood or Sage Brush, Lavender Cotton, Silver Sage
  • Instead of: Knotweeds
  • Plant: Western Meadow Rue, Mountain Snowberry, Diablo Ninebark
  • Instead of: Oxeye Daisy
  • Plant: Coreopsis or Tickseed, Arrowleaf Balsamroot, Alpine Aster
  • Instead of: Toadflax
  • Plant: Yellow Beard-tongue, Mersea Yellow Penstemon, Daylily, Snapdragons, and Torch Lily
  • Instead of: Purple Loosestrife
  • Plant: Dense Blazing Star, Bee Balm 'Jacob Kline,' Tall Phlox
  • Instead of: Flowering Rush
  • Plant: Native Bulrush, Rush and Sedge species.


  • Instead of: Parrotfeather Milfoil
  • Plant: Common Mares-Tail, Canadian Waterweed, Common Hornwort, and Western Waterweed
  • Instead of: Brazilian Elodea
  • Plant: Canadian Waterweed, Western Waterweed, and Common Hornwort
  • Instead of: Water Hyacinth
  • Plant: Yellow Pond-Lily, Cow Lily Spadderdock, Water Fern
  • Instead of: Yellow-Floating Heart
  • Plant: American Lotus, Pickerelweed, and Yellow Pond-Lilly

For more information on both the invasive species and recommended alternatives, please check out this brochure.