How am I being protected from invasive species?


Many invasive species are intentionally introduced as ornamentals in backyard gardens and water gardens. Some of these intentional introductions become unintentional escapes as the species moves away from its intended location. Control and enforcement of listed noxious weeds and invasive species are well defined and established in Idaho. The Noxious Weed Law, Plant Protection Act, and Invasive Species Act were all implemented to protect the state from the introduction of plant and animal species, which exhibit potential to cause damage to the economy, environment, and human health.

Idaho has more 1,000 licensed nurseries in the state. These nurseries are routinely inspected by the Idaho State Department of Agriculture for plant health, plant pests & pathogens, noxious weeds, and invasive species.State licensed nurseries provide quality products for local customers and also deliver piece of mind to all Idahoans who want to do their part in the prevention of invasive species.

  • How can I help?
  • Learn how to identify invasive plants species along with the characteristics and impacts associated with them.
  • Early detection is key to stopping new infestations before they start - Report Invasive Species.
  • Always ask for non-invasive plants and only purchase stock from state licensed nurseries.
  • Be wary of ordering plant stock online as they may not be subject to inspection upon shipment.
  • Control and eradicate invasive species on your property and make sure barriers are in place to prevent escape.
  • Dispose of unwanted vegetation by burning, composting, or drying out completely for water garden species.
  • Keep water gardens contained and don't allow water to flow out into adjoining systems.
  • Never release any water garden species into surface waters.
  • When trading plants, only accept non-invasive species or species with non-invasive characteristics.
  • Never accept or plant an unknown (or un-researched) species.

To learn more about invasive species in Idaho and how you can help stop the spread, visit here!