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Homie: How to save money on buying and selling homes

Winter morning light on Boise Idaho skyline (Stock photo)
Winter morning light on Boise Idaho skyline (Stock photo)
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Real estate is a hot topic here in the Treasure Valley.

Shawn Florke from Homie lays out how Homie helps Idahoans save money on buying and selling their homes.

"Homie is a full-service brokerage," Florke says. "We have dedicated local agents that walk you through the whole process, from start to finish, on buying and selling a property. We're a flat-rate service, and then we also have another program that we call 50/50 where we offer our clients 50 percent of the buyer/agent commission back when they purchase a home through us using Homie loans."

"We charge a flat rate instead of a percentage. So that's helping our clients save thousands of dollars potentially on the buying or selling side of the home transaction."

Homie came to Idaho in 2021. With the average price of homes in Boise, selling with Homie saves an average of $15,000. When buying with Homie, the 50/50 program saves customers an average of $7,000.

To learn more, visit Homie's Website, Facebook page, or Instagram.

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