Decoding Millennial lingo

KBOI's Devan Kaney tries to teach Brent Hunsaker the lingo of Millennials.

The generation gap is alive and well. It continues to exist because older generations have a hard time understanding what Millennials are saying.

Devan Kaney gave me a lesson in Millennial Lingo. Here's the cheat sheet:

"It’s Lit" - This is good. Usages: "This pizza place is lit. This party is lit. This taco is lit."

"Fire" - The same as "lit." In social media, it is often expressed by an emoji.

"Yasssss" - "I agree with you!

"Selfie" - (This one I knew.) It is the act of flipping your smartphone camera around and taking your own picture. Usually for "snap or insta."

"I’m dying" - Don't call 911. It actually means, "I am laughing," or I simply cannot handle whatever situation I find myself in.

"Can’t even" - Similar to “I’m dying.” Usage: "I can’t even deal with this right now."

"FOMO" - Short for Fear of Missing Out. Usage: “I really don’t want to go out tonight, but I also don’t want to have FOMO.”

"Extra" - Fairly straight forward. Means excessive, over-the-top, too much.

"V" - For very. Usage: "This pizza is v good."

"TBH"- Short for "To Be Honest." Beware if you see TBH, it will probably be followed by an insult.

"Goals" - Translation: "I want to be that person or have what they have." Usage: "Beyonce is goals."

"Squad" - Group of friends, crew, entourage.

"Casual" - This means the opposite of casual. Usage: Captioning a photo on top of the Eiffel Tower as, "Casual views."

"Salty" - Obvious. It's opposite of sweet. Millennials often use this on their parents. Usage: If mom won’t let their precious child go to a party, or she's in a bad mood: “Stop being so salty.”

"Shade" - This is like salty, only more passive/aggressive. Usage: If a millennial receives an unfriendly text they may shout out, “SHAAAAADE”

Rents = parents

That was lesson one. I failed. (Insert emoji here.)

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