VIDEO: Drone footage captures the expansive damage left behind from Hurricane Michael

(Photo: LIVE STORMS MEDIA/ Gary Schmitt)

WASHINGTON (SBG) – Drones are giving us a close firsthand look at the devastation caused by Hurricane Michael.

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In Callaway, Florida, captured cars pushed into flooded gullies lining the sides of roadways in town. Trees in nearby neighborhoods were stripped of all their leaves providing an uninterrupted glance at the destruction on the ground. Others had missing branches or were completely uprooted.

Homes without roofs and streets covered in debris and litter from the hurricane’s strong winds.

On one of the main roads in Callaway, just across the street from the Dairy Queen a semi-truck laid tipped on its side blocking half of the road.

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Large electrical polls were bent over toward the grown from the strong winds. Many local businesses were missing roofs and storefront windows were missing.

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