Candidate with panty-selling alter ego says she ‘cannot quit,’ will stay in race

A Wyoming woman running for city council is defending her panty-selling alter ego, confirming to 2News that she will remain in the race. (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) -- A Wyoming woman running for city council is defending her panty-selling alter ego, confirming to 2News that she will remain in the race.

Deborah Reno of Evanston, Wyoming called 2News' reporting on Friday, “The Shot Heard Round the World (or at least around town)” in a lengthy web post explaining her decision to run and why she has another identity known as “Mystee Crockett.”

My alter ego is hot and sexy in a way that I never get to be in real life. My husband loves my alter ego, although she only comes out when he and I are out of town. She doesn't break laws, but she is gorgeous. She's never gotten into trouble, but she does get into exciting adventures with my husband.

Reno said she has sold used panties and “dirty gym shorts” online for the past year. She’s also seen stripteasing in videos.

“She (Mystee) showed me that it's okay to have fun and to be cute, even when you are 50,” she added in the post.

Reno, who works as a yoga instructor and massage therapist, emphasized her history of service to the community of fewer than 13,000 people.

“Whether it's the little things, like collecting food for the local food bank, offering a free massage to a woman after her last chemo treatment, or donating yoga classes to disenfranchised youth, I want people to feel better in life, because they know me,” Reno wrote.

A handful of community members raised concerns to other elected officials following the discovery of what Reno thought was her secret identity. The candidate said she no longer sells used underwear and has since deleted all her accounts, saying “Mystee is dead.” Councilwoman Wendy Schuler said Friday that Reno is probably no longer electable as result.

Part of Reno’s post is below:

Yes. I sold panties online. I admit it. That does not make me a weak or bad person. It is a small, tiny part of who I am. Moralistic politics and fake news would have you believe that this is all encompassing, and that an unsavory action makes you an unfit leader.
I believe that divisive, destructive and hurtful behavior shows weak character. These types of tactics are designed to instill fear and shame. They crush the spirit of people.
I tell my yoga ladies, never hurt the heart. The tender heart easily bruises and you can destroy people if you try to hurt their heart. Instead of hurting and embarrassing people, communities would be stronger if we empower people to speak their truth, to be true to who they are, and to let their own unique voices be heard.
I should have known better than to ever enter into the world of politics. It is not for the weak. I am not weak, but I am gentle and kind and loving. These things are not characteristics of a politician. These are characteristics of a healer, a writer, and a person who wants to make the world a better place. That is what I am.
Yes, I should have known that the internet is a big place, and nothing is secret. Yes, I know (because I tell my kids all the time) that you can choose your actions, but you can't choose your consequences. Yes, I know that people will look at me differently now. Yes, I made a choice that not everyone would make. I chose to run for office.
I cannot quit. I love the town I live in. I love the people who live here, and I have a desire to make this place better than before. People deserve a choice, and people deserve to have leaders who value them exactly where they are. People deserve to be seen for who they are and not crushed because they don't fit some cookie cutter mold.
When politics stops being hateful and hurtful and destructive, then maybe more kind, caring and compassionate people will lead. Until then, we will continue getting what we've always had.
Namaste, friends

Read more about Reno’s decision to run and her thoughts on her alter ego in her own words here.

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