Where are they? Relatives and friends speak out about missing people in Idaho County

Both have been missing since Friday. (Courtesy Photo)

More relatives and friends are speaking out about two missing people in Idaho County.

They're hoping someone, anyone, has seen or heard something, about Terrence Woods and Connie Johnson.

Both have been missing since Friday. There are many unanswered questions about their cases, which the sheriff says are unrelated.

We begin with the case of Terrance Woods.

"Terrence was supposed to be working with this crew up until the middle of November. He had texted me and his dad apparently a couple days before he went missing and said that he would be coming home. He would be cutting the trip short and he would be coming home," said the missing man's mother Valerie Woods.

Terrence Woods was reported missing around 5:30 p.m. Oct. 5.

The 27-year old was a production assistant from Maryland helping film a documentary on penman mine for a British TV show called Whitewater.

He has never once cut any of his trips short in the history of his travelling

"He's been all over and he came home. He's been to Morocco and he came home. He has never once cut any of his trips short in the history of his travelling," said the the 27-year-old's mom.

His mother says there's only one reason Terrence would run off in the woods and not come home.

"He's scared, someone was bullying him. He was fearful. There was something going wrong and he felt he couldn't deal with it, and he wanted to leave. He couldn't feel safe," the parents agreed.

Both of Terrence's parents sat down with Idaho County Sheriff's Office officials as well as the production crew who last saw their son.

Terrence's father said, "they [production crew] thought he fell off a cliff, but by the time he got over there, my son was 15 feet down the cliff, running like a hare. So I said what do you mean running like a hare. He said he run so fast I ain't never seen nobody run that fast."

And the 27-year-old's parents aren't giving up hope that their son will be found.

"You can't get lost out there because if you get lost out there, you're going to run into a road or houses. So he didn't just poof, vanish and disappear. No, he made it to that road, someone picked him up."

CBS 2 News also spoke with Terrance's sister Sharnia Tisdale who still lives in Maryland.

"He is not the type of person that would just run off or do anything like this, so it seems unusual to me but you know I wasn't there so i can only go by what they are saying," she said "He's traveled around the world he really likes to do TV, he is a loving person and caring and an all around good person."

It's been a rough week for the Woods family.

They say their just trying to stay strong.

"It's one thing when you get a phone call, your son had an accident. You have to deal with that, but at least your son's going home with you. It's another thing, and your child is quote unquote missing," said Terrence's father.

On Thursday afternoon, the sheriff's office announced that it was scaling back its active search.

"No leads were obtained from the previous seven days of searching, and no signs of Mr. Woods have been located in the search area or the expanded search area," deputies said.

Another woman missing is Connie Johnson. Connie, who's 76 years-old, has years of experience working with back country specialists like Richie Outfitters.

Living in Nez Perce, Connie's been a cook at base camps for hunters which is what she was doing as of last Friday. She's even served as a guide for youth explorer programs.

Her friends say, she's well-experienced with the back country and knows how to survive even if something were to go wrong.

This is a woman who spent literally the last 25 years of her life - most of them - on foot in the wilderness

Chris Adkins, a former colleague says "It's reconcilable. You know, what everyone is dealing with, with this, because like you said, this isn't like some pilgrim's first rodeo. This is a woman who spent literally the last 25 years of her life - most of them - on foot in the wilderness - alone - doing her wilderness range work - and if there's anybody that has a skill set that positions them to beat this, it's Connie."

Connie was last seen at Fog Mountain in the big rock area.

The sheriff says searches around Connie's base camp trailer have turned up nothing. She and her dog Ace have vanished without a trace.

So what does the Idaho County Sheriff believe?

Sheriff Giddings says he thinks both Johnson and Woods are still alive and says his crews wouldn't be searching if that weren't the case.

The search for Connie will continue on Friday.

KLEW in Lewiston contributed to this report.

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