Wheelchair Accessible Van stolen from Boise neighborhood, police need your help

"I keep saying god I know you're putting me through this trial right now, but I don't know why," says Rebecca Snodgrass.

She tells CBS 2 News that her mother Paulette has been in a wheelchair for decades, after a car crash left her paraplegic when she was in her early 20s.

Since then, Rebecca has been her mother's primary caregiver.

She says she had been saving up for a wheelchair accessible vehicle for decades. But after finally getting one, it was stolen in the middle of the night.

"You know I've been wanting this since I was what? 15? 16 years old? Wanting to get her something she can travel in and I finally get it and I still owe. I've had it for what? 10 months. I still owe boohoo bucks and you know we were going to start saving now for a new rent to own house, because her bedroom wall is coming off...we have's an old trailer," Rebecca Snodgrass.

Rebecca says the holiday season makes what happened even more heartbreaking.

"It's Christmas coming up, and we've got an oven that doesn't work," Rebecca says.

"I saved five years for a down payment and still had to borrow money from a friend that we just payed off."

Mobility has always been an issue, and with Paulette growing older, doctors visits are becoming even more regular.

Rebecca says this vehicle took years to buy, finally giving her mother the independence she deserves.

"This is the most expensive thing I have ever owned. Its always been my dream and goal to be able to get it where life is comfortable for her and now with her age," Snodgrass says.

Rebecca is asking everyone to keep an eye out.

"It's a ripple effect. because this doesn't just effect me and mom, it effects the girl I was helping out with her kid because she had to scramble. you know my friend she was gonna loan me her vehicle and it died on the way here, thank goodness they have another one, but it has a ripple effect," Rebecca says.

Boise Police are asking you to be on the lookout.

The van is a wheelchair accessible, gold Dodge Caravan with bible verses on the back door.

It has an all black interior and the license plate 1-A-5-2-2-8-K.

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