Watch: Notus murder reenactment video released

NOTUS, Idaho (KBOI) -- Crime Stoppers of the Treasure Valley have released the reenactment video of an unsolved murder that happened last December at a Notus gas station.

The sheriff's office said two men entered the Notus Jacksons convenience store, shot and killed 25-year-old Chris Reese of Roswell, when he was working behind the counter.

The two men took a safe from the store and then left the scene in two vehicles, one being Reese's. The car was later found abandoned four miles east of Notus on Barber Drive.

Investigators decided to reenact the scenario, with hopes that it will air nationally and lead them to new information.

Earlier this month, Lt. Chris McCormick with the Canyon County Sheriff's office told KBOI 2News that the video is also an attempt to help the Reece family. "We're hoping whatever apprehension they may have had this will help them relate with family, will come forward and provide that last bit of information that will help us bring justice for the Reece family," McCormick said.The video shows both security footage and actors reenacting scenes from the parking lot and inside the store. This is a very unusual event to happen in Idaho. Police say finding both criminals is also important for the public's safety, so police are trying to solve the case in any way they can. Anyone with any information is asked to call (208) 343-COPS.
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