Watch: Idaho Humane Society rescues dog locked in hot truck in Meridian

Watch: Idaho Humane Society rescues dog locked in hot truck in Meridian. (Courtesy Idaho Humane Society)

A dog was spotted inside a locked hot car in a Meridian parking lot on Thursday.

The Idaho Humane Society says humane officers were patrolling the area looking for pets locked inside of hot cars when they found a boxer inside the truck. Temperatures inside registered up to 134 degrees.

As the officer was documenting the case and working to get the dog released from the truck, IHS says the owner of the truck returned to the vehicle.

"This dog was saved from a life-threatening situation, and a potential tragedy was averted," IHS said.

The dog was OK.

The owner told the humane society that she left the vehicle running and had the air conditioning running while she ran errands, but the truck had shut off on its own, IHS says.

"While her intentions were initially to protect to the dog, she hadn’t accounted for her truck shutting off and ended up still putting her dog in danger," said Kristine Schellhaas, IHS communications manager.

Schellhaas says the dog's owner received a warning, but her information was collected and documented in IHS' system for future references.

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