Washington Post: Caldwell is almost the perfect place to host Winter Olympics


According to a recent Washington Post story, Caldwell is almost the perfect place to host the Winter Olympics based on three factors: elevation, population and topography.

Caldwell was on a list of four U.S. cities, including Coeur d' Alene and two California sites, that were reportedly fit to host the games based on the criteria. Caldwell residents were shocked to find out their city made the cut.

“Yeah I was a little surprised," said Gwen Baker, a Caldwell resident. "You know I would’ve expected Boise to come up first being closer to Bogus Basin."

The post says South Korea pitched for PyeongChang to host the 2018 games based on its perfect elevation of 2,460 feet.

“Caldwell is near enough to Meridian and Boise (where) there’s a lot of infrastructure that could help with that so I think it would be pretty exciting,” said Peter Maxwell, Caldwell resident.

Caldwell's Winter Wonderland display complimented the ideal place but it came down to predicted temperature during the games. A projected forecast of 31 degrees on February ninth put Coeur d' Alene at the top of the list.

“It’s such a beautiful place. So we’ve got excellent slopes up at Bogus Basin and the hospitality here in Caldwell is awesome and I think we would really enjoy that our name, the city of Caldwell in recognition with other cities throughout the U.S. as far as hosting something as big as the winter games,“ said Rob Salas, Caldwell Resident.

California cities would have been ideal, but the weather is simply too hot. Coeur d' Alene's temperatures matches PyeongChang's forecast exactly. As for concern, residents we talked with brought up how heavily populated the event is.

“Where would we put people up?" asked Maxwell. "We don’t actually have tons and tons of hotels and stuff.”

The article says, if the city was to host the Olympics, it would make it happen. Even though Caldwell came in second place, many we talked with say they're honored for the recognition.

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