Wash. mom 'speechless' over grocery store workers' generosity

VANCOUVER, Wash. - Single mom Tina Reaves was just looking for a discount on a turkey to feed her small family on Thanksgiving Day.

With the cupboards at home mostly bare, she asked the manager at a Vancouver, Wash. Safeway store on Wednesday if there was any chance they had a turkey that was on sale.

"I said, "this is probably going to sound very strange, but I was wondering." I said I'm a single mom of two girls and I just asked if they had a turkey that was discountable," Reaves recalled.

Perhaps one that had been dropped or dinged up could be sold at a discount, she said to the manager.

Reaves got a turkey for Thanksgiving, all right, and a whole lot more, thanks to the generosity of the unidentified manager and employees of the store.

Instead of a discounted turkey, the manager offered her a 13-pound turkey - for free. Other employees pitched in to add rolls, soda pop, stuffing mix, vegetables, fruit, milk, gravy, pies, even a bottle of sparkling cider. The total cost was over $70.

But, like they say, that's not all.

Employees also contributed a $10 Safeway gift card, $11 in cash and a hand-written note wishing her Happy Thanksgiving.

"To see [the manager] with a cart full of this I was speechless," Reaves said. "I just started crying, and he gave me the biggest hug."

"It's just really been a struggle," Reaves said. "I've been trying to pay off bills that I can't even afford."

She said the family could not afford gas to drive to see relatives over the holiday.

"At first, I felt that I was really unworthy for all of this, and then after a few minutes of crying I realized that there are so many great people in the world," Reaves said.

"I want to thank those out there who really helped us today with all the stuff," Reaves young daughter Jaden said.

The Safeway manager and employees did not have permission to discuss their good deed with KATU News.

Reaves said the donated food is "more than enough" and she plans to donate some of it to a local food bank. "Now we have so much to be thankful for, really, and to come together and to celebrate it together is amazing," she said.

"It was really amazing that people care so much for someone they don't even know," Reaves said.

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